May 20, 2012

Golden Churn canned butter gets halal nod

Yg kecoh diperkatakan suatu masa dulu.. Alhamdulillah!  Kita memang kena bertegas soal halal haram dalam pemakanan ni

15 May 2012

KUCHING: Golden Churn canned butter is now available at the halal section of all Malaysian food retail outlets following a verification inspection on the Ballantyne Foods Pty Ltd New Zealand factory.

The inspection confirmed that the Golden Churn canned butter had complied with the Malaysian Halal standard as per the halal certificate issued by the New Zealand Islamic Processed Food Management, a certified body by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, the company said in a statement.

Read more: Golden Churn canned butter gets halal nod - General - New Straits Times

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